Our mission is to help people drive their performance and enjoy their lives.

We are living in a difficult world. Our work has become very cognitive and dynamic, compared to our ancestors'. On top of that, the fast-paced hyper-connected world allows us (forces us) to work 24/7 anywhere on the Earth. 

This is especially the case for those who are striving to make it in a competitive world like you.

We started OPEN Laboratory for those people – for you. We do not want you to just manage your living. We want you to take charge and enjoy your life. We are committed to creating a world where we all enjoy our optimized performance.

You are not as you appear. You can think wiser, jump higher, and live happier. We started OPEN Laboratory to make all that happen.

Yoichiro, Founder & Chief Researcher

In 2016, Yoichiro Nakamura started OPEN Laboratory in New York City. Yoichiro has come a long way from where he started.

He was originally born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and he has worked as a Business Consultant for leading companies both in Japan and in the US for over 10 years. Yoichiro earned his MBA from Babson College in Wellesley, MA.

Beyond education, Yoichiro enjoys playing soccer and in high school he won second place at the National Championships in Japan.

Yoichiro’s continuously competitive life ended up in physical and mental exhaustion, and this is what brought him to nutritional therapy. After trying several special diets including gluten/grain free, vegan/vegetarian/fruitarian, Paleo, and Bulletproof diet, Yoichiro realized how impactful food is on our work as well as our life.

He started studying nutritional therapy, and in 2015, he was certified as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant by Nutritional Therapy Association.

Yoichiro is currently providing wellness workshops and nutrition counseling as well as business consulting to companies and educational organizations in the US.