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この経験が私をOPEN Laboratory, Inc.の設立に駆り立てました。健やかに働くことは尊いことです。健やかに働き、誰しもが持てる力を最大限に発揮できるような世界を創っていきたいと思います。

OPEN Laboratory, Inc. 代表 中村 洋一郎


20 years ago, I was watching fireworks, sitting on a parking lot by Tokyo Bay. When I looked back, I found hundreds of people peacefully smiling and looking up the sky. I wished I could have done something like this in my life.

I started my career as a Business Consultant and have worked for leading companies both in Japan and in the US for approximately 15 years.

Through my professional career, I have come to the most important conclusion that it is people and their health that matter the most at corporations. One healthy employee can make more impact than any other company initiative does, no matter how well you designed and implemented it.

It was fortunate that my physical and mental condition was in complete exhaustion at that time because I was able to test a variety of healing method with myself. I was always feeling tired and mentally depressed. I was cognitively impaired losing my ability to think and remember.

I explored all the natural healing methods from lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise and sleep to spiritual healing methods like reiki and integrated healing. I also invested in several practitioner training programs to gain in-depth understanding on these methods.

This health journey ended up in my conclusion that a human can be healthy anytime and seek healthier life throughout his/her life and encouraged me to start OPEN Laboratory, Inc.

Working healthy is priceless. We are creating the world where working healthy is the business norm.

Yoichiro Nakamura, Founder & CEO