Ikkaku - The New Snack Corner

Healthy work staring at a corner of your office



Hand-picked healthy snack samples delivered to your office.

No hassle to run to delis and vending machines.

Simply go pick what’s there. You can order by your own if you like them.

Samples are replaced monthly based on health topics.

We try our best to pick snack samples from Amazon Prime for your future convenience.


Health Topics

Comprehensive year-long learning by eating.

10 critical topics that help you optimize your health and work.

Topics are carefully selected for your optimal health and work.

Topics includes energy control, immunity, hydration, detoxification, and stress management.

Eating snack samples is a part of your learning experience.



“why”, “how”, and “what” to optimize your health and work.

Explain monthly topics with words that you know.

Latest science broken down into guidelines.

Infographics help you understand quickly.

Delivered in PDF so you can easily distribute.


Nutritional Therapist

Follow-up by Nutritional Therapist visiting your office.

Nutritional Therapy Consultant certified by Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA)

NTA is one of the most highly regarded institutions bringing thousands of nutritional therapists throughout the world.

Our nutritional therapist knows your work: 10+ years of business consulting career with an MBA.

“It is joyful to see you all every month!“